Grain (2009)
  1. Pocatello Rain Jeb Lipson 3:08
  2. That’s All She Wrote Jeb Lipson 2:48
  3. Bellfast Slow Jeb Lipson 3:07
  4. Who Am I To Say Jeb Lipson 3:58
  5. Head Over Heels Jeb Lipson 2:34
  6. It’s Only Time Jeb Lipson 3:24
  7. Red Flag Warning Jeb Lipson 2:48
  8. Walk On Water Too Jeb Lipson 2:53
  9. Every Fallen Angel Jeb Lipson 2:51
  10. Lovin’ You Alone Jeb Lipson 4:34
  11. One Candle Jeb Lipson 4:10


Pocatello Rain
That’s All She Wrote
Bellfast Slow
Who Am I to Say
Head Over Heels
It’s Only Time
Red Flag Warning
Walk On Water Too
Every Fallen Angel
Lovin’ You Alone
One Candle


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Grain (2009)

Genres : Alt. Country, Americana, Folk, Rock
Format : CD