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The Daily Demo (kinda weekly yo) “Empty Collar”

The Daily Demo (kinda weekly yo) “Empty Collar”

Dogs just don’t live long enough!!! I said goodbye to my best friend Lexie on January 3rd.. Had to write about it.

***oh wow, I just received a request for full lyrics by a complete stranger/new friend/fan. Thanks Wayne!! Here they are:

Lyrics by Jeb Lipson, Music by Jeb Lipson

© 2022 Jeb Lipson all rights reserved

This won’t be an easy day, I gently lay you in the car. One last ride together, you and me we’ve come so far

I think about the memories, and of all the birds, I thank you for the conversations no one else ever heard

I might have waited way too long, I hope you understand. No easy way to let you go, i guess that’s just who i am

I’m sorry for the pain your in, hell you can barely stand. It ain’t about me no more, I’m gonna do the right thing at hand

A dozen years of free love, given unconditionally. Turns out to be not so free, in the end it’s killing me.

Paid for all at once, and paid for in full. Still never known a better deal, and I probably never will.

Our last trip to Canada, we’re both so young and free. That tall grass point on Matheson’s will for every stay with me

They lay you on a table underneath the tree, give us both a minute, feels like eternity

I watched you take your last breath, now i’m a grown man, just cryin like a baby, your empty collar in my hand.

Cast Iron Catastrophe

Cast Iron Catastrophe

About 20 years ago, at an antique mall in Redlands CA, I spied a nice looking, not restored but in really great shape, #8 cast iron skillet. It was flat as a pancake and perfect, with no pitting or rust, just an honest layer of seasoning from a lifetime of proper use! “Black gold”! I flipped it over to find the small Griswold logo. I looked at the tag and it was only 15 bucks. Even though I already had a Griswold #8 at home, this one was in much better shape and I knew it would cook well. There was simply no way to pass it up. I brought it up to the checkout stand and the woman at the register asked where I found it. I said in “section G”. She said, I’ll give you 20 for it. I said “No, I really want it.” She said, I’ll give you 50 for it, I said, “Sorry.” She then said, “I can’t believe I missed this one, you’re stealing it.” Flash forward to last year while packing up the camper for an adventure. I asked, “Honey, where are my 2 Griswold #8’s?” She replied with “Those crusty old black things? I threw them out.” (Insert loud needle on vinyl scratch here!) I just about cried. For my birthday the little lady bought me a new set of Smithy’s. I’m all about vintage everything but I have to say, these are damn fine skillets. Better than vintage in two ways: They retain heat better, due to the extra weight and the ultra-smooth finishes enable them to cook like well-seasoned pans right out of the box. Now a year in, they are simply sublime cooking machines! Some custom Jebster recipes and cast iron cooking tips are coming soon!

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