I’ve never been lucky when it comes to money, investing etc. I have no timing and even less money to begin with. A little over 3 years ago, after searching hard for well over two years, we purchased a used Casita travel trailer. It’s a 2011 Spirit Deluxe with the high lift axle and all the fixin’s. We honestly had no clue what we were doing.

In the beginning, I even towed this bad boy all over California with my faithful, purchased brand new, 1999 Tacoma 4cyl 4×4 with a tow capacity of only 3500 lbs. Add in family and stuff plus a couple of dogs and we were way over our tow limits. I joined a Casita forum on Facebook recently to learn due to the pandemic, these things are in high demand, apparently made of gold, and somehow now appreciating assets unlike other campers and boats. The value of our cute little camper “the honey bucket” has almost doubled since purchased. Isn’t that crazy? Is my luck changing? Can’t wait for normalcy and some out of town live shows. No more cheap motel bed bug stories!


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