Completely upgraded blue Amek Angela, once owned by the legendary Peter Frampton

Sony/M.C.I. JH-24 w/auto locate 3
Fostex e-16 w/auto locate and +4 line amps
24 i/o HD 10 Protools with Avid interfaces

Yamaha NS-10s
JBl 4411s
Audix Nile Vs
2 Yamaha P-2200
2 Yamaha P-2100s

1 DBX162
2 Invonics
2 DBX 166's
1 Drawmer
2 Dbx 903s
2 Valley poeple Gain Brain 2s
Anthony Demara Labs 1000
2 Rca Ba-45s
1 Gates Sta-Level
2 Alesis 3620s
2 Dbx 160xs
2 Audio designs and mfg. 312 compressors

2 API 312
4 Cal-rec 1061
4 ADM 4 band eq's
12 Langevin AM-16's
4 Quad-8 Eq's
1 Altec Tube mixer w/EQ
1 U/A 610
4 Audio designs and MFG 4 band eqs
8 channels of audio design decrete 700-b channel strips
12 Langevin AM-16 Mic pres w 48v, pads & faders -custom rack
4 Quad eight (Brent Avril) eqs
4 Cal-Rec (Brent Avril) pre/eqs

Eventide H-3000
Lexicon LXP-1 and LXP5
Roland SRV 330
Mxr Flanger/doubler
Roland sde-1000
2 Yamaha spx 90s
Yamaha rev-7
Lexicon 200 reverb
Lexicon pcm 60
lexicon /delta-T w/486 per channel memory
Mutron rack mount ddl full bandwith descrete front end
3 delta labs super time lines
roland srv 2000

1 Shure SM-7
1 Blue Kiwi
1 Blue Bluebird
1 EV Re-20
Norelco D12
2 royer 121s
Earth works drum kit package
3 Akg 414s
2 Akg D-112s
4 Sen 421s
11 Sm-57s
2 Sen 409s
2 Sm 81s
2 neuman Km-84s
2 Rode Classic tube mics

63 Stratocaster hard tail
66 Stratocaster
66 telecaster
72 Telecaster
56 Les Paul Special
55 Les Paul JR single cut
69 Les Paul Gold top Deluxe
73 LP Standard
65 ES-330
66 Gretsch Country Gentleman
79 Stratocaster Maple neck
61 Gretsch 6128
62 Gibson J-45
59 Martin D-18
73 Gibson J-200
70 Martin D-12-20
64 LP/SG junior
Classical GTR
1931 regal Dobro round neck
1890's wash burn parlor GTR (stays in tune, sounds great)
Modern fancy parlor gtr high strung Nashville tuning
50's Harmony Rocket
64 Martin Mandolin
1956 Gretsch Jet firebird
1966 Gibson ES335
1978 Fender stratocaster hardtail
1958 Gretsch 6119 w/ 1 PAF filtertron
Maple neck P bass (round wounds)
65 P bass Rboard flat wounds
77 Gibson LP custom
1927 Dobro
1968 SG special
1960 LP Junior Double cut cherry
1946 Gibson LG-1
1961 Gibson ES125
1971 Gold top 54 re-issue
1967 Martin D-18
1962 Gibson Les Paul JR
1953 Les Paul Gold Top ­ 57 Conversion (PAF¹S)
1930 Dobro model 65 (best one in the world!)

Early 60¹s Vox AC/30
59 Fender Bassman all orig!
mid 60¹s Fender bassman Piggy Back
Mid 60¹s Fender Bassman head
58 Tweed Champ
55 Tweed Deluxe
64 blackface Deluxe reverb
69 silver face deluxe reverb
Mid 60's Bandmaster Piggy Back
1960 Chocolate Brn Concert 4x10
Chocolate Brn. Princeton
1968 Hiwatt custom 100 1/2 stack w/ purple fanes
mid 60¹s Fender Champ
Early 60¹s Ampeg B-15 Portaflex
1969 Marshall JMP Lay down trans.
Early Boogie Dual Rectifier
Matchless DC-30 (Sampson era)
56 4x10 tweed Fender Bassman all there!!! Screamer!!!!
1964 Tremolux top and bottom.
1969 Marshall Slant 4x12 100 w Cab.
1970 Marshall straight 4x12 25w Cab.
Epiphone Challenger
silver tone 6 watt amp.

Klon Centaur
Fender Reverb Tank
Tube Echo-Plex
TS (tube screamer
Dunlop Fuzz Face
Early Script Small Stone
E.H. hot tubes
Ibenez Chourus
TC Chourus
TC sustainer/ EQ
Diaz Texas Square Face
Fulltone OCD.
Stamps dive o matic
Big muff PI NY
EH. Graphic EQ (70s)
Mutron Phaser 70s
Maestro Phaser
D'Armond Weeper discreet Wah wah
Roland Jet Phaser