• Hang Tough Girl

    My girl cooling off in her favorite gravel bottom stream up in Arroyo Seco canyon Unfortunately this turned out to be an expensive hike. Apparently, she got a foxtail deep in her airway and is now undergoing a surgical procedure to find it and remove it. The good news is I saved some money on the anesthetic by getting her teeth cleaned at the same time which I was going to do in the next few months anyway.. She looked so sad when i left her at the vet...Hang tough girl, you know I'll always come back for you.
  • Stay Classy!

    Stay Classy Sunland/Tujunga... I found this shank on the playground underneath the big pull up bar today at Sunland Park! I'm assuming the tattoo all over the neck and face gang banger guy who gave me a really hard look while breaking the law by doing his pull-ups at the restricted playground while not attending a child dropped it accidentally when he did the upside down work out stuff. He then drove off on a bicycle. Look at the care and craft taken to grind down the tip into a lethal weapon. Clearly a skill set one learns on the inside. I don't currently break the law and carry but frankly that little Kel-Tec 32 is looking really appealing for a pocket piece for our park outings. Surrounded by 5 halfway houses and a recycling center, Sunland Park is a senseless tragedy waiting to happen! It's not going to happen to my kid, i guess until they clean it up again, we are no longer going!

  • Let's go to bakery and see Deborah

    Living in a world run by the corporation, for the corporation and of the corporation, more and more I find myself drawn to the mom and pop business side of America. I support artisans and high quality small business goods and services. I cherish personal relationships with real people I can see eye to eye with, not invisible protected suits waiting for that retirement gold watch, all the while hell bent on cutting costs by screwing consumers and keeping rich cowardly shareholders happy. I guess I’m a dying breed. I like quality over cost and I like relationships over a better deal.

    There is a woman named Deborah and her husband Reno who run such a business in my corner of the world (Sunland CA). Deborah is a world-class baker and owner of the "Backdoor Bakery" just a few blocks from our house. I feel we Sunlanders are so fortunate to have her in our neighborhood! She bakes everything from scratch using high quality organic everything (a process seldom done anymore anywhere!) Considering how she does what she does her prices are amazingly fair! You must try the cayenne pepper spicy sweet croissants or the breakfast quesadilla; you'll be AMAZED at the quality of the food! She and Reno and the entire staff are so good to my son Joshua when we make our daily mid morning visit for a fresh baguette and a treat. I always look forward to our daily visit when we go to Sunland Park just across the street. Deborah was one of the first people Joshua knew by name. Shortly after he could talk he would say, " let's go to bakery and see Deborah"

    Like my small recording studio business, a greedy landlord gentrified Deborah out of her old space in Silverlake just a few years ago. She took a huge chance and moved everything up to Sunland much closer to her home. (Sorry Silverlake, your loss!) After a short period of time in a small tucked away shop, the Backdoor Bakery took over the vacant big free- standing space in the front of the parking lot that was once Sis Chicken. The place is always crowded so I'm certain business is good!

    Live music even became a small part of the Backdoor Bakery and I’m proud to say I played there once. (The only night we had rain this year so it was not packed but still a fun gig in a great place!!).

    This morning I snuck out to grab a slab of bacon at Ralphs and on my way back I planned to pick up a baguette at the Backdoor Bakery and then make breakfast for my lovely wife. The remains of the Backdoor Bakery were still wet and dripping and Deborah was inside wearing a yellow helmet and big boots doing a walk through with the firemen and the landlord. When she came out I gave her a big hug and wiped away a tear.

    We already miss you; we love you, please please please rebuild as fast as humanly possible and don't feel bad about not being able to bake Joshua's cake next month for his birthday. We look forward to next year when you can. In the meantime, you and your entire family are of course still invited to his party! We love you guys! To all the staff, Darryl, Lizzy, and the heavy metal dude, (I forget your name sorry) hang in there and please come back too! If there's anything we can do please ask. If you guys need a PA system for a fundraiser or anything else in my power, consider it done!

  • If You Only.....

    If you only learned every lick on this record, you'd still be an ass kickin' rock&roll guitar player!

  • Perfectly Out Of Tune

    Just spun Joe Walsh the smoker you get the player you drink at a moderately loud SPL. Flashback almost 40 years I'm standing in the hallway outside my small bedroom in Michigan with my stereo blasting way too loud to be in the same room but remembering the rich tone quality outside that little listening area was amazing. (It of course drove the old man nuts!!) hmm, flash forward, I still do that when I'm mixing. Sometimes I'll crank it up in the control room and stand out in the hallway and listen. Do i do this to hear the material off axis, perhaps to uncover some hidden detail that only cranking it up will reveal? Or maybe I do it to simply feel connected to my childhood? Then the big fat tom fills come in on side two middle of my favorite song Meadows and I think to myself jeez, I would have taken the time to tune that rack tom and gotten rid of that horrible ring followed by that annoying pitch shift thing every time the drummer hits it and then I realize in a moment of audiophile clarity, NO! That tom is actually perfectly out of tune and I vow to always leave things alone when I track stuff and quit striving for what I perceive to be sonic perfection and just let the music be!

  • Proggy

    Oh Boy, headphones while falling asleep tonight, hmm, I'm in a "proggy" mood... Brand X Mask..., no, Gong Angel's Egg, no, Steve Hillage Fish Rising... yeah that's the ticket....

  • Man Cave Is Complete!

    Almost back in business baby! insulated all exposed walls of the new shed, got the reloading gear out of storage. I just have to hang the elk antlers over the door and My newest man cave is complete!

  • Vinyl To Digital...

    Today after building the proper RCA to TT snake, I began the laborious project of transferring selected vinyl LP's to digital. Mostly records I miss listening. Maybe I want them in my car and do not feel like re-buying them. I can also remaster to my taste by transferring to protools 1st and then burning CD's later! I don't know why I started the process with king Crimson Red when clearly Starless and Bible Black is my favorite King Crimson Record. Well, in the end i have something to do for the next 30 years anyway!

  • Cool Blue Lights

    Chatsworth wasn't always just the prono capital of the SF valley, in fact they used to headquarter Marantz for a few years after the company moved from Sun Valley! This pic is the centerpiece of my new zone B system! Pretty good sounding last forever stuff, and of course really cool blue lights!

  • Taking Bids

    How much do you suppose a genuine empty wasp nest could fetch on eBay?