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  • The old stuff is better.

    Yes once again the old stuff was better! A few years ago, my Lamson LP2 fly reels were giving me trouble. They had developed deep stripping grooves in the aluminum stripping guide and were cutting up new fly lines which got expensive. I called Lamson who had been bought by a company called waterworks and I was told by the hag on the phone I needed to learn how to strip out line properly. Great, I thought to myself, I’m going to be blamed for a mechanical melt down for fishing improperly when my 60 year old pfluger reel was still just fine and had seen 50 years more abuse than the 8 year old Lamsons and stripping was done in the exact same fashion on all models. Keep in mind I had purchased two identical Lamson reels, lost one on a hike and replaced it and also purchased 6 spools total. The warranty on all Lamson products was unlimited lifetime. When I got down to business and finally talked to the guy in charge, I was informed that the parts were no longer available to fix my reels but I could trade in my 2 reels and 6 spools and get ½ off on any new reel and spool they made. I hesitated because I like the old small arbor reels and the heft of solid bar stock aluminum and the sound of a click and pawl reel ( yes the LP2 had a click and pawl and a very smooth disc drag too). Anyway, I traded up to brand new lightspeed hard alox reels and that cost me ½ of 300 twice and ½ of 120 something 4 times. If I had it to do all over again, I would have gotten a grinding wheel and smoothed out my old reels or fabricated a line stripping piece to solve the problem. The old ones were superior in every way. Smoother drag system, better over all feel, better weight, better sound and even better look i.m.h.o. I guess I’ll just dump them all on e-Bay and look for some older LP2 reels or perhaps I’ll ditch Lamson all together and buy a stack of Orvis Batenkill bar stock reels and spools for my plastic rods. Of course for the bamboo rods, I will stick with the beautiful old Hardy marquis my good friend Mark Huff just found for me in Canada! Now there’s a reel that will last through my great grandsons fishing career without some stupid trade up policy! Take my advice and don’t be fooled by shiny fancy American corporate crappy new and improved products! Yes, the old stuff was really in fact better! cc to the good people at Lamson.